About us

I have been investing most of my adult life in formal education in the area of Psychology, Neurosciences, Systems Sciences, and Health Sciences.

My central purpose is to contribute to the growth and prosperity of human systems, from the individual to the institutional level.

Currently I am developing several lines of peer-reviewed research on Behaviorism, Neurosciences, Philosophy of Science, and Cognitive Sciences; while working alongside my partner in the organizational and clinical field.
I have a background as project manager at IBM and business developer at Ericsson for 10 years and worked with many international institutions and organizations.

As a coach, my aim is to inspire people to engage and make the best of their skills and experiences, so they will be more productive in their business and daily work.

Currently I am in Argentina where I am working together with my business partner to extend our work in Latin America.

What we do

  • Organizational support
  • Counseling: Mental Health and Individual-Relational Support. 
  • Goal-Oriented Coaching

As Nelson Mandela has said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

We couldn´t agree more. From eliminating gender, racial, and social inequalities, until preventing the development of epidemics and needless deaths…Also, from fighting the causes for poverty and misery, until developing fulfilled, peaceful, and environmentally friendly societies which pursue integral prosperity; EDUCATION – the permanent learning process that allows us to build new realities – is a basic, critical point for that sustained (and sustainable) growth we wish for us and for all future generations.

There is not any other material investment that beats the importance of implementing educational methods and programs, in all levels and areas of our societies.

We understand that education takes place wherever CHANGE processes take place. It can be traced in a psychotherapy session, a coaching session, a workshop, a conference, a directory board meeting, and even during the setting of political actions and decisions, just to name a few examples.

So, in order to contribute to the change we want for our world, at eMindSet we simply serve people who need to work with other people on regular basis.

Our main focus is human systems transformation, and our scope covers all kind of organizations, regardless the size and purpose. It includes Individuals and their Contexts, Families, Classrooms, Companies, Clubs, and other groups, all of them might get benefits from our interventions.

We specialize in Communicational Skills, Management, Education and Psychoeducation, Neurosciences, Networking, Systems Sciences, and Psychology.

We develop at-request, tailored methods and learning programs to assist our clients on contextual, specific needs. And we walk together with them, building together every step of the transformational process, helping each system find their most effective and efficient solutions for achieving their goals.

We are formally trained in Evolutionary, Social, Behavioral, and Cognitive Psychology; as well as Coaching, Networking and Neurosciences.

Located in Cordoba, Argentina and Stockholm, Sweden; this virtual and physical space is designed to help you, and the values we sustain go in the same direction.

We have chosen this name for our company because it appeals to a change of mindset; which is ultimately our joint task, together with all of our cherished clients, learners, trainers and collaborators.

For further information contact Veronica Rebora-Arnoldt or Christer Edman