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Welcome to eMindSet Learning Space

Here at eMindSet we develop activities related to English as a second language, based on the contributions from Neurosciences and other behavioral and social disciplines, understanding that languages are not traditional “academic” contents, but skills we acquire since early childhood until our last days. These skills require the right context and strategies to deploy to their highest level, and are best achieved by procedural and social learning.

Welcome to eMindSetOur main goal is to help learners of all ages to develop their second language up to the level of the mother language, building the process together, giving each other the opportunity to adjust our tools to their best convenience.

We are highly trained in Evolutionary,  Social, Behavioral, and Cognitive Psychology; as well as Networking and Neurosciences.

Therefore, our programs and courses are tailored to suit your interests and everyone can access them without restrictions of age, previous knowledge, or special learning needs.

In this website you will find the basics of our system, rooted on an intuitive, natural approach to English language, as well as specific courses, and workshop materials. It is thought for being an interactive platform and our current students have also full access to their individual folders, to self-manage their learning experience and check on their progress.

Located in Cordoba, Argentina and Stockholm, Sweden, this space is designed to serve, and the values we sustain go in the same direction. We believe in #LearningPassion and we use this tag frequently in social media, as well as #MindSetters, which is ultimately our joint task, together with learners, trainers and collaborators.

For further info contact Veronica Rebora or Christer Edman


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